We are entering a new world, it is a world of:

Personal responsibility

Responsibility for our ecosystem

Respect for life and living systems

Frictionless global commerce

Individual freedom and cooperation on a peer-to-peer basis

Networks and communities

Common ownership (but not in the sense of state ownership)

Money based on human values


This world has certain properties:

The functional institutions are DAOs (distributed autonomous organizations) using consensus based decision-making based on blockchain technology.

Legal systems do not apply (but they apply to the small interface organizations – legal bodies - which are set up in every jurisdiction which interfaces with the DAO).

Individual identity is not important and a human being can have any number of identities and functions towards the DAO - the DAO only sees the public key/bitcoin address.

Every single tool already exists now for any human being to enter this new world and be part of it:

These are mainly cryptographically enabled tools. However the majority of people are not aware that this world already exists today and do not understand how to use these tools. To enter this world is such a completely unexpected experience and a change in one's view of the world.

There is a great need for “islands of the future in the sea of the past” to arise - international meeting places which we call Umungus - offering a space of freedom, trust, open communication, cooperation and creativity where people can experience the reality of this new world and learn these skills.

This includes a nurturing architecture, nutrition, and respect for life and our ecosystem.

This project aims to raise funds (in bitcoin) in order to establish these Umungus.

These Umungus will be commonly owned and registered on the blockchain as colored coins.

They will be DAOs linked to charitable non-profit organizations within the jurisdiction of the property which create the bridge between crypto-land and a national jurisdiction.


We are now in the consultation and fact-gathering phase of the project.

Any questions please mail info@umungu.com

Umungu = Universal Money Underwritten by a New Global Understanding